Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kylie's First Sleepover

Jesse and Karla are in the National Guard and they both received orders to go to Anchorage for two weeks for training. So.... Nana and Papa got to spend the time with Kylie. Our two weeks began August 7.

Even though I was exhausted after the two weeks, I would never trade this time for anything. Kylie is such a good baby, we enjoyed every single minute she was with us.

We also took lots and lots of pictures, hope that you enjoy them. (FYI, I am having problems getting my videos to download, so will post some of those later when I get it together.)

Of course, while she was with us, we got to know her personality more and explored a few nick names for her. As you all know, we have several names for our Amy; i.e. Toadie, Princess, Cookie. We had to keep up the tradition. We thought of several for Kylie......

Chunky Cheeks...
Crazy Hair or Elvis (as one of our friends decided). It always stands up like that no matter what you do!!!
Pooter, because she goes "poot, poot, poot" when she is emitting flatulence or filling her diaper.

And, Weezer, because whether she is taking a bottle, sleeping, or just up and playing, she makes like a small little "snoring" sound.

We will let you know what we decide on......

Neka did fantastic with Kylie. I think he was just a little jealous, but he was also very protective. Papa taking care of Neka and Kylie.
A lazy day in the front yard at Nana's and Papa's.
Doing the jig!!
Relaxing on Papa's chest. She sure does look content.
We all went to Auk Rec one day and sat on the beach, threw the ball for the dog, and watched all the people. It was hot enough that many of the kids were in the water. That was the most people I have ever seen in the water in a very long time .... except for the Polar Bear plunge which is done each year on January 1. Brrrrrrrr......

Oh, no, it is already starting...... Kylie is helping Papa in the garage, just like Amy loves to do!!!!! She was very interested in everything, she just kept looking everywhere!
Just a cute face picture...Kylie loves her bath time...... Hope your not modest!!!
Her first camping trip with Nana, Papa, Amy, and Neka.
Taking a walk with Nana.
All tired out after a walk with Nana.
Another bottle and she was off again.....
Playing with her "toy" on the bed in the motor home.
And, of course a little later...... another nap.
Amy, big sister, posing.
Amy and Papa looking at fish is in the creek.
Sparklers at night, what fun!!!
All cozy in the bed we made in the passenger seat of the motor home.
Taking a walk in the rain with the umbrella.
Tired out dog, too much ball throwing and fetching.
Deer sighting!!! A momma and two little ones came out in to the meadow when we were sitting around eating breakfast. They were really close to us and sure didn't seem to mind that we were there.
From Nana, Papa, Amy, Kylie, and Neka with Love. Take care everyone.

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